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Michael Whyte’s PRIEST released in the UK

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PRIEST, from filmmaker Michael Whyte, (No Greater Love), follows Father Paul Grogan as he tends to his parish aware of the need to re establish trust in the Catholic clergy. From Baptism to Last Rites, from the beginning of lent to Easter Sunday, this deeply moving and compelling film gives a unique insight into the daily work of a Parish priest.

Ella Glendining selected as Screen Star of Tomorrow

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Ella Glendining is directing the feature documentary IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? produced by Janine Marmot with support from the BFI Doc Society Fund

Ella Glendining’s IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE selected for IDFA Forum in Amsterdam


Faber publishes Orhan Pamuk’s The Innocence of Memories


BFI Doc Society awards Ella Glendining’s IS ANYBODY OUT THERE development support

A young woman with a rare disability searches for others with the same condition, when her journey takes an unexpected turn.

Screen Daily

Simon Pummell helmer FIGHT, adapted from William Gibson story is awarded Creative Europe grant

Simon Pummell and Margot Knijn’s adaptation of sci fi boxing film FIGHT is awarded development grant from Creative Europe


Hot Property and Quiddity Films acquire film rights to Marie Darrieussecq’s WHITE

Producers Janine Marmot and Emily Morgan (I AM NOT A WITCH) team up to produce Emily Young’s adaptation of the novel WHITE, a love story and ghost story set in the Antarctic.

Jonny Greenwood announces BODYSONG vinyl release

Jonny Greenwood to release vinyl of the soundtrack to Simon Pummell’s BAFTA winning film BODYSONG

* * * * * Review for Simon Pummell’s IDENTICALS: “An ambitious, stunning, mind-bending slice of Sci-Fi Noir, writer/director Simon Pummell’s visually striking, Identicals riffs on Vertigo and John Frankenheimer’s Seconds to create a rich, complex vision of the near future that out-Dicks Philip K. Dick”


Arrow Films to release Simon Pummell’s IDENTICALS in the UK

Arrow Films will release Science Fiction Thriller IDENTICALS, created by the BAFTA winning team Writer/Director Simon Pummell (BODYSONG, SHOCK HEAD SOUL) and Producer Janine Marmot (KELLY + VICTOR and BODYSONG) 15th August 2016.

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