Critics have said about films Janine Marmot has produced:


“Jonathan Glazer lit a beacon for European sci-fi with Under the Skin; now Simon Pummell’s here to keep that flame alive. An exhilarating future vision that cuts with a razor sharp blade right to the heart of a number of contemporary concerns.”

“A rich and allusive work, intellectually ambitious and visually arresting… possessed by a haunting strangeness that lingers long after the credits fade.”
Hollywood Reporter

Innocence of Memories: Orhan Pamuk’s Museum & Istanbul

“This is a mesmerizing film, richly textured and beautifully nuanced. With it, Gee has some claim to have joined British film-making’s premier league”
The Guardian

“Innocence of Memories is a truly remarkable piece of work, a somnambulistic dream of a film”
Jason Solomans

Kelly + Victor

“Daring and intelligent… smart, searing film-making”
Little White Lies

“Sensual, provocative and dangerously romantic”
Sight and Sound

Shockhead Soul

“Sui generis work, both moving and intellectually stimulating, which deserves to be seen….weirdness, cerebral depth, and envelope-pushing style…”

“Pummell’s film does an unparalleled job of documenting the unphotographable”
Sight and Sound UK

“The art of cinema, storytelling and the field of psychiatry together in this unique achievement…”
Screen International

No Greater Love

“The film looks breathtaking, like various Dutch masters come to life”
Kazuo Ishiguro

“Courageous, compelling and deeply moving”

“Thoughtful, poignant and humbling”
The Independent

“A beautiful, informative and inspiring study of a way of life defiantly at odds with the glitzy priorities and frenetic pace of the outside world”
Hannah McGill, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009


“I remember seeing Bodysong and feeling like I was in a trance. A wonderful collection of the two simple things a film has to work with; pictures and music. I hope to think this is a new kind of movie; emotion through the basic tools of movies – some sound and some
Paul Thomas Anderson (Director of Boogie Nights and There will be Blood)

“A beautiful, hypnotic experience that will show all audiences something they have never seen before. Even the most hardened cynic will be filled with a sense of wonder about human existence”
Rated **** Empire

I Could Read the Sky

“This exceptional low budget movie restores the faith in the artistic possibilities of cinema”
Screen International

“It cuts so deep many were in tears…Bruce’s debut is something of a landmark”
The Guardian

Institute Benjamenta

“Truly luminous… a beauty, inventiveness and magic all of its own”
Time Out

The most visually beautiful and hauntingly humourous film I have seen in the last 300 years”
Terry Gilliam

Temptation of Sainthood

“In particular Simon Pummell’s ‘Temptation of Sainthood’ shines. Dramatising Freud’s famous case study of Daniel Paul Schreber, it is a rattling foray into the grotesque. At their best, shorts can grab the imagination in a way that features rarely do”
The Guardian

Rose Red

“Best of the BFI’s recent films is ‘Rose Red’, a high tech sci-fi mystery that addresses anxieties about surveillance, virtual reality, addiction and lethal viruses… It’s imaginative, directed with impressive assurance and pleasingly reminiscent of early Cronenberg”
Time Out