Shock Head Soul

(Simon Pummell) 2011

Hot Property for the Wellcome Institute, in partnership with Submarine (The Netherlands)
Status: in post production.
Cast: Hugo Koolschijn, Anniek Pheifer, Thom Hoffman, Jochum ten Haaf
Producers: Janine Marmot, Femke Wolting and Bruno Felix
Executive Producer Keith Griffiths Co Producer Marc Thelosen
This cross-media documentary (film, installation and website) explores
the life and writings of Daniel Paul Schreber. Now famous as an Outsider
Artist, Schreber was a successful lawyer, who in 1893, started to
receive messages from God via a ‘Writing Down Machine’ that spanned the
cosmos. He spent the next nine years confined to an asylum: this is
his story.

Films produced by Janine Marmot