Brand New-U wins a place at Cinemart, Rotterdam, following its success at the inaugural Power to the Pixel Pitch

Cinemart has just announced its selection of projects from over 450 submissions.

Among those presenting their projects are Tiger Award nominee and media artist Simon Pummell. The selection further includes projects from Russian directors Alexey Balabanov and Andrei Zvyagintsev, as well as from a strong line up of young filmmaking talent.

Head of CineMart Marit van den Elshout is “very proud to present this exciting line up of strong projects by yet to be discovered talents and returning Rotterdam friends. Our aim is to select projects close to the heart of Rotterdam as well as with good market potential. We believe it is a focused yet eclectic selection that will cater to the different needs of the 800 guests we expect to attend CineMart.”

Click here for the full CineMart Selection 2010.