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Feature Films in Development


An adaptation of William Gibson and Michael Swanwick’s DOGFIGHT
A Film by Simon Pummell



Director: Simon Pummell
Producer: Janine Marmot
Writers: Simon Pummell and Margot Knijn
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: In development
Partners: BFI with the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union


FIGHT adapts DOGFIGHT by William Gibson and Michael Swanwick into a classic boxing-film with a high-concept science-fiction premise.


A film by Grant Gee


An adaptation of Owen Martell’s Intermission

Director: Grant Gee
Producer: Janine Marmot
Genre: Drama
Status: In development

INTERMISSION is a story of extreme personal catastrophe and extraordinary musical beauty. It is also, like I’M NOT THERE, a reinvigoration of the biopic genre.



Producer and Director: Michael Whyte
Executive Producer: Janine Marmot
Genre: Documentary
Status: In development

Memory is a fiction created and embellished to make the present reality more acceptable.
An exploration of the present as seen by different communities sharing a common location, a shared history and their memories.




WHITE, A film by Emily Young, adapted from the acclaimed novel by Marie Darrieussecq

Director: Emily Young
Producers:  Janine Marmot and Emily Morgan
Status: In development



Director: Simon Pummell
Producer: Janine Marmot
Writers: Simon Pummell and Margot Knijn
Genre: Sci-Fi
Status: In development

PIPER is a science fiction horror story set in the deserted ruin of an abandoned space station: as the story unfolds we see that terrifying possible relationships between human consciousness, animal consciousness and machine consciousness might lie in our future.


The Gold Machine - Mood Board 1

Director: Grant Gee
Producer: Janine Marmot
Writers: Iain Sinclair and Grant Gee
Genre: Documentary/road movie
Status: In development

The parallel journeys of a father and daughter to the Peruvian jungle in the footsteps of a colonialist ancestor intersect to
produce an original mediation – part documentary, part fiction – on history, creativity, fate and family.


Priest Still


A film by Michael Whyte

From Baptism to Last Rites PRIEST follows Father Paul Grogan as he tends to his parish in a deprived area of Bradford

Director:  Michael Whyte

Producer: Michael Whyte & Janine Marmot
Status: In production


The Price on Your Head

This is a film for anyone who’s ever thought they could be a really good hitman if only they didn’t have to kill anyone. It’s a surprisingly well-lit noir
about a surprisingly charming loner.

An original screenplay by Ned Beauman

Producer: Janine Marmot
Partners: BFI
Status: In development